By Nausea Free and Very Happy About It

This thing is literally SO AMAZING!! I get very car sick very easy, so I got this device hoping it would help me out. Well let me tell you: it sure did!
I took it with me on a trip to Lagoon and I was able to ride so many more roller coasters!!
I also use it on long road trips and the headache, queasy stomach, and swimming vision dissappear within minutes. 10/10 reccommend!!!

Posted on 29-06-2023
5 stars based on 1 reviews

Reliefband Sport

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Reliefband Sport Is an Anti-Nausea Wristband that can help with Nausea & Vomiting Relief for Motion Sickness, Migraine & Morning Sickness. Waterproof. Read more
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  • WATERPROOF: The all new Reliefband Sport has an IPX 7 rating, meaning the Reliefband Sport is the first wearable nausea device that can be fully submerged in water.
  • IMPROVED BATTERY LIFE: The Reliefband Sport has an increased battery life of up to 30 hours on a full charge. The Reliefband Sport is equipped with smart sensing technology, so the device automatically turns off when it is does not sense contact with skin.
  • FLEX FIT COMFORT BAND: The Reliefband Sport is equipped with a flex fit comfort band, that ranges from a minimum size of 4" up to 8".
  • RECLAIM YOUR LIFE: No longer will you be held back from doing what you love. Get back to living your life without the feeling of nausea and vomiting. Now with Reliefband, you’ll take on the world with ease and comfort.
  • 100% DRUG-FREE: With an 85% success rate according to our clinical trials, the Reliefband Sport is the all-natural wearable solution for nausea and vomiting. Our fast-acting treatment puts you in the driver's seat in the fight against nausea.
  • FAST ACTING: Once activated, this anti-nausea band releases a specific pattern of pulses that stimulate the median nerve under the skin. The pulses normalize the nerve messaging from the brain to the stomach which rapidly relieves symptoms of nausea and vomiting without any side effects.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: The Reliefband Sport comes with a USB rechargeable battery and charging cable. Additionally, you will receive 1 hypoallergenic conductivity gel tube.