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A roadmap of the HSA Depot story explaining that it started with a passionate group of friends getting together to find a way to better utilize health savings accounts, then they renovated the brick and mortar store, then they got the word out through talking to everyone and giving out lots of fliers at fairs and parades and such, and now they continue to help customers and absolutely love it!

Meet the Team! Steve, the owner, is the most kind-hearted person you will ever meet! He loves spending time with his grandkids, eating at Texas Roadhouse, and serving his community. Zach, the general manager, has been with the company since the beginning and is a great role model for us here at HSA Depot. He love spending time with his three girls and his wife Lauren. You can catch him most mornings at 5 am.


Meet the team! Sam, the store manager, is always working with a smile on his face and keeps the team motivated and energized. He loved paddle boarding, playing the guitar, and spending time with his wife Anna. Ethel, a sales associate, spends most of her time at the store writing the blog as Hoolio and updating the decorations to match the season. She loves being creative, learning new things, and always enjoys a good hour or two playing video games. Ryan, a sales associate, works hard to get our new products on the shelf and online orders out the door. He enjoys spending time outside, playing sports, and listening to music.

Our mission at HSA Depot is to help our friends take control of their finances and take care of their families. HSA Depot has a firm grip on their values. F stands for family. We care about each other like a family would. I is for integrity. Our actions reflect our honesty in all we do. R is for respect. Everyone deserves to feel important and valued. M is for mutual success. Winning is a team effort and we emphasize that. G is for gratitude. Gratitude fosters positivity, happiness, and strengthens relations. I is for intelligence. We always try to improve and learn from our mistakes. P is for perseverance. Victory comes to those who never give up.


HSA Depot is also home to Helping Hearts and Hands, a non-profit organization that offers services and helps raise funds for families and individuals with major medical misfortunes. Learn more at lmhhh.org





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