Vive Toe Separators

Stretch and realign toes with an ultra-soft, cushioning gel, reducing pain related to plantar fasciitis, hammer toe, bunions, Hallux Valgus and overlapping toes.

$11.99 Excl. tax
Silipos Inc Digistrip Corn Pad 24" (each)

A continuous strip of Silipos's soothing and moisturizing gel on one side cushions and protects while providing relief from shear and abrasive forces
Digistrips are approximately 24" long and can be cut to preferred size
Washable and reusable

$29.99 Excl. tax
Restiffic Relief inelastic acupressure wrap

Acupressure wrap with adjustable compression and customizable Flexor-T massage pad. Restiffic Relief works by applying firm pressure to the bottom of the foot and stimulate acupressure points known to improve well-being.
Universal size, sold as a pair

$59.99 Excl. tax
Pedifix Inc Gel Ribbed Digital Toe Caps

Cushions and protects corns, ingrown nails and other toe irritations.
Soothing gel releases mineral oil to soften and moisturize skin.

$7.49 Excl. tax