Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal 10ml

See a visible difference in your nails with Kerasal's fungal nail renewal. Formulated as a topical nail product, offers a solution with a deep penetrating formula that improves the appearance of nails damaged by nail fungus.

$20.99 Excl. tax
Gold Bond Dry Skin Foot Cream Diabetics 3.4oz.

Hydrate dry, flaky, rough diabetic skin.
Get immediate soothing and hydration that lasts all day. Smooths rough patches and penetrates skin deeply.

$9.99 Excl. tax
Pedifix Inc Pedi-Quick Safety Corn and Callus Trimmer

Helps safely reduce calluses and rough, dry, hard skin buildup to keep feet smooth

$11.99 Excl. tax
CareAll Antifungal Foot Cream 1% 1oz.

Antifungal cream with 1% Clotrimazole helps relieve itching, irritation, redness, scaling, cracking, burning and discomfort caused by athlete's foot and ringworm
Compares to active ingredients in Lotrimin AF

$3.49 Excl. tax