Millennial Medical In-Motion Forearm Crutches

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The in-Motion Pro Forearm Crutch is designed to reduce the impact on the wrist and hand while reducing the harmful effects of Carpal Tunnel and nerve damage. Read more
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Millennial Medical
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This line boasts many features, including a proper ergonomic handle (Latex Free) and a Spring-Assist part in the lower posts. In addition, the Forearm Crutch Set will support users from 3’6”- 6’3” in height.

With our comprehensive product line, revolutionary technology, and company philosophy of exceptional customer service, rest assured that by buying your crutches today, you will never need to worry about where to rebuy crutches again. These are the most comfortable forearm crutches (aka lofstrand crutches) on the market!

Preferred by professional athletes and healthcare professionals.  

Product Features:

  • True Ergonomic Handle
  • Fully Molded Cuffs
  • Spring-Assisted Lower Posts
  • Articulating Crutch Tips
  • Heavy Duty Construction

Available Colors:

Tall: Charcoal

Short: Charcoal

Available Sizes:

Tall: 4’10”-6’3”

Short: 3’6”-4’9”

In-Motion Pro Forearm Sizing Guide

  • Wear the shoes you will most commonly wear while using the crutches.
  • Standing upright with good posture, measure from the floor to your hip.
  • Using this information, look at the range of handle heights in the Short and Tall In-Motion Pro Forearm crutches listed below.
  • Choose the crutch the fits your sizing specifications.

In-Motion Underarm Product Options

In-Motion Forearm Short (7000C)

Floor to handle height – 21” to 28.5” with 13 sizing positions.

In-Motion Forearm Tall (7500C)

Floor to handle height – 28” to 40” with 15 sizing positions.